• Location: 2101 Orleans Avenue, New Orleans LA 70116
    • Venue: Carver Theater
    • Time: 10:00 PM - 5:00 AM

    BASS MUSIC!!!!!! Here’s a nice surpirse. Upstairs will be taken up by the Tech D Fam!! On the decks will be Aeon Flex, Michael Medina, Burufunk alongside NewClear Culture’s Ryan Essaied and Nick Solari House, trance, and things in between. This coming Thursday at the Carver Theater!!!!!!


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    Ticket link: www.ticketlingo.com/events/3vo-presents-cookie-monsta-b2b-funtcase/

    Join us for an epic B2B set and evening of MASSIVE BASS by some of Circus Records hardest hitting producers usually reserved for mega mainstage music festivals like EDCLV, Sunset Music Fest, Nocturnal Wonderland, Staked and etc!!


    From a very early age Cookie Monsta was always into music. From around 11 years old a PlayStation game called ‘Music 200’ caught his eye and that’s where it all began. He would play on this game making loops, playing on it for ages. Then around 17 he had as many music games he could find, but he wanted more. Cookie Monsta never really knew about music production and came from a group of friends that were not into that sort of thing. When he applied at college he was frowned upon for doing this simply because people thought music was pointless to study. He first opened up Reason 3 in September 2007 and the first ever Dubstep tune he heard was Midnight Request line from Skream, He never knew it was Dubstep, but he loved it even though none of his friends did. Then hearing all the upbeat and darker side of Dubstep made Cookie Monsta get into it completely and ever since then he has been expanding his knowledge of Reason 4 by religiously using it as much as he could. A lot of people ask him for tips and tricks for producing but the best bit of advice, according to him is, ‘If you’re passionate about making music and you know you want to make music then knuckle down and stay on it. If people doubt you carry on, no matter how bad things get. Music isn’t my hobby, it’s my life’. A true word spoken by this future talent.

    :: FUNTCASE ::

    FuntCase (aka James Hazell) has been in the dubstep scene for a hot minute but already making a very solid impact on the scene, with a medley of ranged beats capable to kick the wig off of any head!
    Since starting his dubstep creations back in July 09, FuntCase has thrown some of the most filthy, and most catchy tunes out there, causing his popularity to rise massively in such a short amount of time.
    In the 6 years of his production career, previously creating Drum and Bass, he had numerous releases under the name ‘DJ Dose’ but never did he realise the opportunity of the dubstep scene, when he made his first tracks ‘gorilla flex’ and ‘make our day’ as a joke and for mates, who constantly suggested he try and make the style.
    Now a new addition to the Circus Records crew it seems his hard work has paid off, visiting numerous nights around the UK and the world in such areas as France, Belgium and Romania, with talks of tours further out from the UK being planned.
    Of courseeeeee, no-one rises this fast without the help of the big heads within the scene and FuntCase is supported by some of the biggest, With the likes of N-Type, Hatcha, Pendulum, Chase and Status, Rusko, Crissy Criss, Mista Jam, Trolley Snatcha, Datsik, Excision and more, future looks very bright for this new and exciting talent.

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