• Better than Ezra article on “Through the Lens”

    NEW ORLEANS – This was no ordinary Valentine’s Day show. This was Valentine’s Day in New Orleans, during Mardi Gras.  Just getting to the venue was an ordeal.  After four miles of shoulder to shoulder walking traffic,  the venue was in view.  A beacon of light among the sea of inebriation.  House of Blues was packed to capacity with about as diverse a crowd ever seen at a concert.  It wasn’t hard to spot the obvious tourists, sporting rival colors other than the usual Saint’s signature black and gold.  Glancing at the clock left of the stage, the time reads 10:32.  The show was supposed to start 9.  This was not a problem for the venue; $6 dollars a bottle of fancy craft beers couldn’t be sold fast enough to satisfy this group of party goers.

    Opening for Better than Ezra was Big Sam’s Funky Nation.   A band once quoted as being “tight enoughIMG_3070 (and hot enough) to turn coal into a diamond!”, and this performance was no different.  It was a powerful punk sound,  heavy New Orleans influence with incorporated Jazz elements to some downright bluesy riffs.  The crowd was cutting up and having a blast to this highly energetic and charismatic group of musicians.

    Up next, Better than Ezra, a long standing staple in the Louisiana rock scene with roots in Baton Rouge, LA. The room went electric as they took center stage.  Each member of the band dressed in their own version of an Elvis Prestly body suit with jemstones, protruding chest hair, made complete with over the top wigs that rounded out the attire perfectly.  Delivering their signature style of smooth & melodic electro pop, they worked the crowd into a frenzy with their selection old hits infused with new tunes.  There’s no better way to spend a Mardi Gras weekend; great music, great vibes, surrounded by awesome people just having good time.  Thanks Better than Ezra!

    Article and Photos by:  Nick Solari     
    Source: Through the Lens