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    311, a band I would consider to be a pioneer in the American rock/rap movement, came to New Orleans before heading out on thier annual 311 Cruise; one non-stop party from departure at Miami to some remote desitination in Mexico. Playing to a capicity crowd for 2 consecutive sold-out shows at House of Blue’s New Orleans I was lucky enough to be apart of the 2nd nights festivities.

    No opener, all 311.

    First to the stage was 311 vocalist Nick Hexum, sporting what seemed to be a vintage green track jacket and clashing blue dockers. Style, this band had it by the bucketloads. They wasted no time, opening the show with a crowd favorite “Don’t Stay Home”, voices filled the air with evveryone singing along word for word as if they were enchanted by some otherworldly spell. Everyone rushing forwards jockeying for a better position, swaying left and right as if you had a choice with people this tightly packed. No one cared. Everyone lost in the moment, chants of “PEANUT…BEAT THAT  THING!” still ring in my ears.

    And the smoke, so thick in the air it would have made any Wailer’s fan envious. A sea of red, glassy eyes bobbin’ to “Who’s Got the Herb” had me wondering if House of Blue’s ever has impromptu pizza deliveries during or after a show such as this. Those thought quicky subsided when 311 broke into Peanut’s bass solo and another round of Denver’s finest cheeba circled back my way (allegedly).

    Thier performance was as good as it gets. Having seen 311 many times prior in various vvenues with acts such as Deftone’s and the Root’s I can say this show was 311 at the top of thier game. Having no co-headliner or opener meant everyone was there for them, and that’s a concert vibe that is hard to match no matter the lineup. Every song was on point, they played so tight you’d think each band member had a metronome implanted in thier brain. That coupled with the amazing acoustics of House of Blue’s, this was a set of shows not to miss. Thanks 311!


    Setlist: Don’t Stay Home, Plain, Hive, From Chaos, Sand Dollars, Visit, Running, Five of Everything, Gap, Amber, Applied Science, Loco, Great Divide, Paradise, Who’s Got The Herb, BASS SOLO, Existential Hero, 1-2-3, Bomb The Town, Silver, Feels So Good.

    Encore: Tranquility. Creatures

    Source: Through the Lens